Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays

Christmas Day dawned here cold (ok, in the mid-30’s) and foggy.  Since all the ‘children’, two and four legged, where still slumbering, I bundled up and went to the water to take some pictures of the sunrise and fog.

PC240008  This was the scene when I arrived.  Still a little gloomy.  But very quiet and peaceful.  I could hear the water running over the dam and the traffic in the distance.

PC240072 Then the sun started to make it’s appearance over the top of the trees and between the clouds and fog.

PC240075 A couple of ducks joined my morning meditation.

PC240079 The birch on the far bank looked ghostly in the fog.  Very surreal.  At times I was almost expecting to see an old canoe being paddled silently through the waters by a couple of Native Americans.  Or maybe that was just my wishful thinking.

PC240068 The air was so still the clouds and trees were perfectly reflected on the water. 

What a great way to celebrate the day. 

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  1. Ohhhh Ahhhh ! So beautiful! Thanks for sharing these great photos! We've had a windstorm and WARM (50!) weather today.

    I copied your recipe for honey rolls - they sound divine! Today I made Clover Leaf rolls from one of my favorite bread cook books


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