Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Morning Update

So, still running a little slow after Christmas.  But I did have my ‘buns’ in gear for Christmas morning.

PC240003  My ‘buns’ were, to the left, orange non-cinnamon rolls.  And to the right, apple non-cinnamon rolls.  Texter is allergic to cinnamon.  Which is a pity because I like cinnamon.  But now that she is gone I can have cinnamon in the house!


PC240004  then my buns were done.  No bun pun intended.  Then the cream cheese icing for the buns.

PC240007  Of the two types, the apple were by far the favorite.  I do have to say, Pillsbury has the orange cinnamon rolls down.  There is nothing like popping that can of rolls, but the apple I made…..yummy.  I did put allspice in them, but with cinnamon they would be way good.  You use apple cider in the batter and then reduce cider down for the frosting.  Chopped apples in the roll also.   The recipe is from here.

Savvy felt this way about someone getting her roll….


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  1. kudos to you for doing all that baking . Love the tiger costume .


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