Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Another Fun App

Actually, I think I got I downloaded ProCam as a freebie app from Starbucks.  I love taking pictures, but lugging my camera around just isn't feasible most days.  But I was waiting for Savvy to get off work one afternoon and started playing with the 'adjustment' features on the camera and this is the results.

My seed pod picture and I darkened it and added a bit of a vignette.

Adding some funky lines to the pictures - circular, straight and cross hatch.  But then the real fun starts.

Kaleidoscope time!  I love kaleidoscopes and you have several settings to play with pictures in this mode.  One thing about it is I keep thinking 'quilt pattern, quilt pattern' while doing so. Same picture and tons of different looks to go around.  This is a fun app and I can see me 'playing' with it more and more as time goes by.  A great alternative to lugging heavy camera and lens and instant editing. 

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