Friday, October 24, 2014

Having to Think....

...which is difficult for me at times!  Actually, what I am thinking about is one of my classes for next semester (yes, already thinking about January, 2015).  It's a portfolio class.  And while it is mainly taught online, there is a 'going on campus' component because you have to discuss your portfolio with your instructor.


I talked to the department head who I have had several classes with online.  She suggested I talk to the instructor about doing it all online.  I did.  Now comes the thinking part.....

Homework practice layering textures

I have to go through work I have already done and submit several pieces to her so she can see the level of work I am doing and whether or not we can manage this via email/phone calls/scanning/and the computer.

Which brings me to the thinking part.

I have been toying with the idea of 'putting my art out there' for several months.  This would be the next big step - actually creating a portfolio of my work and having someone really critique it for something other than a grade.  The coming semester would also include a class on Print and getting things ready for a printer - which would be my next step in actually offering my work for sale.

Textured letter for homework practice.  More will be coming for a possible new banner on the blog.

And that's the really scary part.  I have my own critic perched on my shoulder going "nope, terrible, bad, awful, who are you kidding".  

So for the next couple of days, it's going through pictures I have done and deciding what to send out into the world for this tiny step.

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