Monday, October 27, 2014

Mandala Monday

This week's topic for the 100 Mandalas is 'rock art' mandala.  Unfortunately, while I did have plans to steal retrieve a river rock from a planter around town, it didn't happen.  So I am pulling out a couple of mandalas I have done recently which feature a rock or are 'rock-like' in nature.

This is the heart shaped oil stain Savvy noticed on the parking lot when we were going into the craft store.

So I am waaaayyyyy behind on my 100 mandalas in 100 days.  Of course, I only have 2 homework projects due today, work and a bit of NaNoWriMo prep.  Hopefully, since I haven't picked up an extra day at work this week I can do a bit of catchup.


  1. Anonymous10:34 AM

    This is so cool how you transformed an oil stain into a work of art. I like how you played with the theme.

  2. Love your stone mandala! Good luck with nanowrimo!!!!


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