Sunday, October 26, 2014

NaNoWriMo Count Down

This time next week I will be typing away like mad in order to get my word count in before work and homework assignments.  This year I am going all out in my prep work.  I have about 10 pages of notes/outline of the story I plan to write (and the premise is pretty good if I say so myself).  I have a huge stack of books on Victorian life - which I won't get a chance to really read next month.  I think I have them for "mood".  I need to do a couple of things today before work - come up with some names for characters and create my playlist of music to listen to while writing.

I did do my book cover this morning.

Funny thing is, when I went to add the picture here I realized I hadn't put my name on the cover of the book as the author!  I went back and added it, so now I have a book cover with my name on it as the author.

Juliet Hayhurst has the ability to see the past by touch, mainly with papers.  After feeling she caused her husband's death, she simply wants to take her father, leave London, and live quietly in the country.  But others have different plans for her future and the past may be coming back to haunt her.


  1. I do hope you let me read this at some point, I'm getting excited to see where you go with it. Finally picked my topic, or it chose me. Wishing my trip was a week later, so I could be writing while I'm sitting here!

  2. I'm away for two weeks but have been jotting down notes when I get the chance. I like your cover. I see people making covers to give away on the NaNo site...maybe I should get one.


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