Sunday, October 19, 2014

Saturday Soufflés

A souffle' is something I have always wanted to make.  When I first started working for American Airlines, one of my managers loved food.  As in fine dining food.  I was a little country bumpkin who thought a trip to Dairy Queen was fine dining.  But no, he showed a whole other side to eating.  On one occasion when the department had pulled another tough one off, he treated us to dinner.  Dinner as in about 6 white tablecloths on the table and a waiter for each of us.  More forks and spoons than I had ever seen at one place setting.  And for dessert we had soufflés.  I remember the waiter taking a pair of spoons and 'opening' up the top of the soufflés and pouring in a warm sauce flavored with a liquor.  This was the early 80's and I haven't had one since.

But I always wanted to make one.  Something always seemed to be in the way.  I didn't have ramekins and every time I thought about buying some, I didn't want to spend the money on them (even though I can think of a ton of uses for them) or the girls weren't big enough to appreciate or enjoy them.  Then the girls were never there.  It was always some excuse or another.

So Friday I marched downtown to a little kitchenware shop called The Pan Handler.  I went there for a few reasons.  First, I needed a bit of alone time and I walked from Starbucks to the other end of Last Chance Gulch to get there.  Secondly, I wanted to support a local business.  Third, they are really nice and the prices are the same as if I went to Walmart or Target and the quality, I think, is better.  I picked up 4 ramekins.  I already had 4 small ramekins, but needed some just a little bigger.

I had Saturday figured out, homework, beef stew and chocolate soufflés.

I purchased a small bag of assorted potatoes to go into the stew.  I had never cooked 'blue' potatoes before, even though I wanted to grow some in the past.  I cut a roast up I had in the freezer and added a bit of beer to the homemade beef stock.  (Yes, I was going all Food Channel on myself.)

Dinner consisted of the stew and cornbread made in my new cast iron skillet Savvy gave me for my birthday.  And while Dr. Who was showing, these were in the oven....

There they were, just puffing their little self right on up.  The recipe was easy and I am not sure what I was expecting, but I was delighted when about half way through cooking, I looked, and there they were, SOUFFLÉS.   Savvy was just as delighted as I was and we were both hopeing Lady K's play time didn't make them fall.

A little chocolate sauce on top and we were sampling away.  I DID IT!  I made soufflés.  They worked and tasted really great.  They weren't as difficult as I was thinking they would be and as I had gotten eggs on sale at the grocery store ($1 a dozen), they weren't that expensive to make.

Savvy gave her approval of my efforts and even "B", who doesn't really eat sweets, ate a little one.  They were light and fluffy and chocolatey and warm and wonderful. I am so proud of myself.  I checked off one of those things I always said I would do and now I've done it!

Oh, and the homework bit of my Saturday....failed.  

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