Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Memorial Day Hike

Sunday, after dropping Savvy off at work, I decided I needed to get out and take a bit of a hike.  Never mind it was a bit nippy and there was some 'snow showers' going on and off in the area.  I haven't been outside for ages, just for a walk, and decided to take the camera and head out to the reservoir nearby.  Unfortunately, while I had the directions to get there, I neglected to notice the mileage around the lake.  But the 5.5 miles was worth it.

Other than someone ice fishing on the lake, I had the place to myself.  And a few dozen Canadian Geese.  And some mallards.  And Northern Flickers and a flock of magpies.

But this is why I got engrossed in the walk and forgot about the distance, the cold and the time.

So the views around the lake are fantastic.  I am in a 'bowl' and there are mountains all around.   The lake is iced over and in the top picture you can see a guy in red out on the lake, fishing.

What a great day. 

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