Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day Review

Valentine's Day was luckily Savvy's day off.  We started out at Starbucks for a pick-me-up before heading to the movies.  Jupiter Ascending was what we went to see and am I glad we saw it on the big screen.

Premise is "Jupiter" is a somewhat reincarnated alien and her space family is out to kill her and she is being saved by the human/wolf/space angel.....ok, it sounds a bit weird, but it works.  This is space opera at it's best.  Great music, fantastic special effects.  And, one of my writing group buddies was online when I was getting ready to go and we invited him along.  He now is stuck with two people to go to the movies with as we all enjoy the same types of movies.  May is set for The Avengers and there is a robot movie, which looks like a reboot of Short Circuit coming out.  More popcorn in my future.

In honor of Valentine's Day I had a strawberry creme frap at Starbucks and then later than day had a strawberry kiss at Triple Divide.  Want to bet which was my favorite?

Savvy and I had a drink and then headed out for dinner, where we met up with her 'boss' and friend.  It was a good day.

But don't think Texter got left out.  She had her 'friend' over and was gifted with a very nice present.  And surprisingly there was no chocolates to be found.  Guess I will have to hit up the store and see what's left now that Easter candy is out!

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