Sunday, February 01, 2015

Sunday Recap

Today is the Super Bowl (yawn) and this week has been - well, not to productive.  Instead of listing the things I did do, I really should list the things I didn't do, like...

  • take my vitamins (probably why I have been dragging all week)
  • write
  • homework
  • drink water
  • work on my art journaling projects (two)
  • organize my trilogy notebook

But on the upside, I did create 4 blog posts, read a few books, lead my writing group meeting, take the dogs to the doggy park one morning, Lady K to Books and Babe's last Monday (need to make it a habit) and go to work.

The hand is getting better, but there are a couple of things which are bothering me about it.  And Caitlan.  But my appointment with the surgeon is tomorrow, so hopefully, I will find these things are just normal healing for a 'person of my age'.

Despite a 'late start' today, I am hoping to get back on track for next week and the weeks to come. I did cook a pork shoulder overnight and turn it into BBQ for sandwiches for the next couple of days.  Instead of my Tennessee style BBQ, I made it more North Carolina BBQ (vinegary) for the girls.  Texter tried a bite this morning and pronounced it 'good!'  I have to remember how I did it for future endeavors.  This is cooked up a bit differently than my grandmother did her's and I have to say, overnight in the crock pot in a mixture of water and BBQ sauce had it falling apart this morning.  Chicken and Rice casserole is on tap for dinner tonight - quick and easy so I don't have to put in much time in the kitchen today.

I have less than two weeks to get my trilogy notebook organized and have a prompt to write about for my writing group.  I also want to get some ideas down for discussions for the group. 

There is also a 'big thing' going on in the background here also.  I am hoping it turns out like we all want it to.  So I am hoping to find my center, become calm, and work with the universe (and keep my fingers crossed).

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