Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weekly Review

...and boy, what a week it has been!

First, the library was closed on Monday for President's Day.  Which means the rest of the week was 'hectic' to say the least.  If you listen to all the statistics about how people aren't reading or using the library these days, I can tell them, at least in Helena, that's bunk.  We were swamped all week.  It's satisfying to know what an important role in the community the library fills.  For some people, it is about the books.  For others, it is the chance to get on the computer.  Some, it is a place to be during the day that is warm and dry and safe.  But let us be closed a day and we pay for it the rest of the week!

On the home front, I spent yesterday making a ton of soup and realizing I REALLY need a soup pot.  French rolls, crescent roll danish and banana cake were also made.  I packed Savvy a dinner to take to work, with some to share with a co-worker.  They were happy campers.  Tonight, twice-baked potatoes for dinner with probably a bit of BBQ chicken.

Also, BIG news....Savvy got a promotion.  Actually, it was a promotion by fire.  She was in training to be first assistant manager.  Then the manager quit on Monday.  My little girl is General Manager now!  I know she can handle it and am so proud of her.  It's nice to know I semi-succeeded in raising her well or she is doing well despite me, one of the two.

AND Texter is gearing up and getting all the paperwork in and testing and waiting for August when she will go to school.  Ultimate goal - nursing.  She has always been interested in EMT and the like, so hopefully this will be a fit and she will have something were she can take care of herself and Kayden all on her own.  

This semester (hopefully) will see my Associates Degree.  I currently have 4 certifications in Web Design and Graphic Arts too.  I am going to stop my college study after this semester for a bit so I can play baby sitter to Lady K while Texter is at school.  This will give me a chance to work on my art and writing more.

In the meantime, and I normally don't pay for apps for my iPad or iPhone, but I spent my $2.99 for this one.  Percolator.  I have played with it just a tiny bit and am having fun.  I love circles.  

View from the Info Desk at the Library

Basically, Percolator adds these neat circles to your pictures, using the tones in the picture.  You can dial it up or down for the amount of circles, opacity and a couple of different designs in the circles.  I am having a ton of fun with it and can't wait to use it within other designs.  My only issue is that I wish it was for my computer and not just for the iPhone and iPad.  But I can deal with moving it over.

Before the cold weather hit us again, I did go for a long walk on Monday.  It felt so good to be out in the quiet, walking in nature for 3 hours.  Did about 5.5 miles.  Can't wait for even better weather.

So homework is on the agenda today.  Tons of it as I have been playing hooky.

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