Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Room Rearranging

I grew up in a room with furniture that my parents picked out.  I didn't have any input, it just appeared.  Then after I left home, my mother used it in her room when they moved to the farm.  It was good quality and durable.  Since then, I have not had a 'bedroom suite' of any kind.  It has been all mixed and matched and held together with hot glue.

When I moved to Montana, I splurged an not only bought a decent mattress, but also bedroom furniture.  I love my bed in particular.  It is high and has 4 X 4 'beams' framing it, acting as a ledge around the bed.  (That's how Lady K learned to climb early, so she could climb up into my bed.)   The downside of this furniture....IT'S HEAVY AS ALL GET OUT!

But then, Texter got raisers to put her bed frame on so she could use storage under her bed.  That made me want to do 'something' in my room.  I got two sets of shelves to hang on the wall to put my notebooks, pens, stuff which is now within arms reach of Lady K, up and out of the way (and off my floor).  That lead to wanting to move the bed....

With Texter's help, we slowly turned the bed 90 degrees.  Where it was basically sticking into the middle of the room before and I had little room to move my desk chair, it is now under the window on the west side of the room, in the corner.  After huffing and puffing and pushing and straining, stepping over each other, we did it.  And miracles occurred!

First off, I now of a ton more useable floor space.  To the point I can do yoga in my room now.  I can sit at my desk and move my chair in and out without running into the end of the bed.  And according to Feng Shui principles, I have improved my yin/yang.  What is funny is that it really confused the dogs and where they were suppose to lay on the bed.

This was all done on Sunday.  Monday and Tuesday I pulled the above Goddess card.  I feel better in my room.  Texter is set for school in the fall.  Savvy is now a manager where she works.  I think Vesta is watching over us.

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