Saturday, July 25, 2015

Not What I Was Suppose to Be Doing

My first day of my weekend with Lady K, I thought I would clean house a bit and then settle down and work on an existing project.  No...

Instead I pulled out my layer cake of Comma from the Zen Chic line of Moda and started a Big Star quilt for CJ.

One of CJ's fears with the new house and being the only male in the bunch, we are going to get all 'girly' on him.  I think we are all too geeky and nerdy to do that, but I wanted a quilt for him to wrap up in that maybe didn't have flowers or pink in it.  The two stars are together.  Now I have to decide if I want to find 'something' to make two more stars or if I just want to stop with lap quilt size at this time.  I also need to get something for the backing.  But he will soon have a 'manly' quilt all of his own.

And speaking of 'girly' (and my lack of housekeeping skills), I am reluctant to throw these out. 

Being that Montana is so dry, I have these lovely dried peonies in my vase.  And they really are pretty.  So I think they will stay for awhile longer. 

So for today, depending on what Lady K lets me work on, I have an idea for a second quilt top and have the pieces ready to start stitching on.  Or I could go back to crocheting on Sophie's Universe or hand piecing on La Passacaglia.  I will have to see what the day (and coffee) brings.


  1. Those stars are looking wonderful in Comma fabrics, Judy. I think it will make a great manly quilt!
    I love dried peonies, too. I remember intentionally drying them to use in flower arrangements, but that was many years ago and the current peony bush refuses to bloom or I would be tempted to do it again. ;o)

  2. What a beautiful fabrics and your stars are lovely. Nice colors of the flowers.


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