Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Peony Top Finished and 1000 Posts!

This was taken from the balcony of the apartment as I laid "Peony" out on the grass.  Once finished, it will cover a queen size bed.  Now the chore is to find a backing I envision for it.  And if I can gather my pennies together, will probably send it out to be quilted as it will be way to big for me to quilt on my Singer.  But I am loving it.

The colors are softer than it appears in this shot.  I think I achieved what I was setting out to do, something soft and pink.  The green reminds me of leaves and stems of the peonies.

Peony is now stored away with the Alphabet quilt and my Fractured Suess quilt, awaiting backings.  I feel like a real quilter now, with tops all ready to be quilted.  So back to hand work, crocheting and knitting until after the move.

This is also my 1000th post!  Will have to think of something to celebrate that achievement.

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