Sunday, July 12, 2015

Week in Review - July 5 - July 11

  • 38,653 steps walked or 17.68....very slack this week (again!)
  • 2 books read
  • Peony quilt - top coming together
  • 5 posts written
  • home inspection done and more paperwork back to the mortgage company
  • baby quilt started and finished for a baby shower on Sunday
This past week has been crazy - still.  I am looking forward to the move and my life becoming 'routine' again.  The home inspection was Wednesday and went very well.  No surprises did he find.  Which with a home inspection, that's what you want.  I started, on Thursday, a baby quilt for a shower (today) and finished it last night.  Nothing like knowing you need something for months and get on it 4 days before it's due.  But I had company in my pursuit of baby gifts - Christine did the same.
  • CJ will arrive this week! Huzzah! 
  • Symphony Under the Stars is next Saturday night and we are all looking forward to that.  Planning snacks and drinks to take with us.  
  • Hopefully, will get Peony finished this week and continue looking for a backing for it.
  • Writing group this week.  I need to make a decision whether to continue it or not.  It's only the same couple of people showing up each week.
  • Non-fiction book group this week too.  We are picking up people for that, so it should be fun.
My walking/health has taken a major back burner the past few weeks.  I was doing so good and then bam!  So refocusing on walking and vitamins and hydration....starting right after my cup(s) of coffee.

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