Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Belated September Goals

While sipping my White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks (my reward for driving Savvy through Starbucks and dropping her off at work), I was reading my bloglovin' feed and came across Chair in the Shade's September Goals.  And I realized I had not set myself any goals for September.  Setting goals appeals to the Virgo in me.  I like crossing things off my list.  All of August was spent with the move and getting out of the old apartment by the end of the month.  So I stopped and thought about what I wanted to accomplish for September (and forward) now we are in a permanent location and semi-settled in.

  • Stuff to basement and/or sorted through and put up.  
    • We still have some items under the carport and on the front porch which need to be moved to the basement and at least put in 'piles' with the rest of the stuff for that person.
  • Painting - still have the main bathroom to finish up (so we can then empty boxes) and the kitchen to start on.
  • Sewing for the Big Read at the library in October
    • I want to sew 4 bonnets for kids, 4 for adults and several different aprons for the staff to dress up in during the month.
  • Start sewing on cosplay outfits
    • Take everyone's measurements, even mine (sob)
    • Make a muslin mockup of some of the pieces so they are fitted properly
  • Book reviews - have a couple of books coming I need to do reviews on
  • Letter to friend
  • Start QAL for 1930's quilt 
  • 300,000 steps in September - challenge with a friend
  • Read 1 book off my home shelves
  • Teach blogging class
  • Plan menus - so we'll eat better, shop better and I know what's going on
  • Write my morning pages
It looks like a lot, but some of it is really fast (sort of) and simple and a one-time deal.  Come October 1 I will see how I did and what my October goals are.

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