Sunday, September 13, 2015

Week in Review - September 6 - 12

  • Arranged the basement into piles and semi-organized it
  • Lunch on Monday at Mediterranean Grill
  • Cleaned up the front yard (a bit)

  • Made Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream 
  • Set September goals
  • 4 posts written
  • Illness got to me, only walked 68,024 steps this week, 2000 short of a perfect 10,000 a day.  But I was on vacation and for the month am at 122,129 steps, a bit over 10,000 a day.  With being back at work on Monday, my daily average should go back up. 
  • Won a book off Goodreads
  • NaNoWriMo poster for 2015 arrived.  One up on my door in my room for inspiration.
  • 3 books read and 1 abandoned this week

  • 1 bonnet complete and 3 more just need handwork on them.
  • Started watching Longmire on Netflix (darn you, Christine!) in order to get handwork done on projects.  Lou Diamond Philips sure has aged well.
  • Lady K has a viral infection, which I probably got a bit of this weekend.  Poor baby with her spikes in fever.
  • Received one of my 3 books from the Books and Bloggers swap.  Other 2 arriving Monday according to tracking
  • changed header on blog
So this week should be interesting...
  • Back to 'routine'
  • Have to repair closet where poles pulled out of the wall.  Not set in studs or with anchors.  So I have to empty closet and do some 'work' to get the pole ready for action again.  So I guess I will be 'pole dancing' this week.
  • Expecting 2 more books from swap partner and a shipment from NaNoWriMo
  • Should be getting book from Blogging for Books
  • Need to set up separate spot for books which I need to read and review.
  • Teaching a quickie class at the library on beginning blogging (if anyone signed up!)
  • My Birthday on Wednesday!
  • Pulling black and white fabric for the blocks from my stash for my 1930's quilt.  Using grey to set off the blocks I think.
  • Orchid Show next weekend to take in (maybe)
  • Finishing up the 3 bonnets for kids and getting for interfacing to make aprons and bonnets for adults
  • More Longmire while doing handwork

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