Sunday, September 20, 2015

Week in Review - September 13 - 19

So last week I hear this 'crash' in my bedroom and look in.  My closet door was closed and two of the cats were chasing each other around.  I thought one of the cats had 'bounced' off the wall.  (Lynn and Freya torment poor Sherlock).  A couple of hours later I go to find a top to change into and this is what greets me.  My closet is long and narrow and luckily I really don't have all that many clothes.  But it had pulled out of the wall.  Part of the issue was some of the screws barely made it into the wall to begin with.

I had to remove all the clothes from the closet and start repair work.  I had some long wood screws from something else I used to fix this, along with with wood glue.  And I added a couple of screws to the whole job.  Hopefully, that will fix the issue.  Otherwise, I will probably strip everything out of the closet and just start from scratch with a whole closet makeover.  With this job and putting up a set of shelves by my desk, my wrist has not been happy with me this week.

Lady K was helping out by telling me "Gran-ma, use hammer".  Sometimes a little encouragement goes a long way.
  • Finished up 4 bonnets for kids for the Big Read in October for the library
  • Baked a chocolate cake (not feeling well makes me want comfort food)
  • Sorted out the black/white/red fabrics and a second set of fabrics for the 1930's QAL starting in a week or so.  Trying to use as much as possible from my current stash (to justify buying more fabric!)
  • Up to Part 6 now on Sophie's Universe afghan
  • Taught Beginning Blogging class at library
  • Received books from Chaotic Goddess Books and Bloggers swap and a free book from Blogging for Books.  
  • Texter won a kayak!
  • Celebrated my birthday
  • Wrote 4 posts
  • Abandoned 1 book
  • Walked 72,959 steps, almost 3000 over my daily goal.  
    • As of the 19th, at 195,088 steps - well on my way to hitting 300,000 by the end of the month.  That's 89.41 miles.  So excited to say I will have walked over 100 miles by the end of the month!
  • Made 4 pair of pj for each of the adults in the family.  Cut out 4 eye masks to sew up for Texter and Savvy.
  • Did the "Fashion Night Walk" in downtown Helena.
But the 'biggie' this week has to be this...

One of our local banks was running a promotion this summer.  You open an account with them and you are entered into a drawing for the kayak.  They also had selected the library to receive $10 for every account opened for our teen graphics program.  When you opened an account you also received a downtown Helena gift card for $10.  Since it only took $20 to open an account, and the girls, CJ and I did not have local accounts, we all entered with savings and checking accounts.  I kept saying, from the minute it went on display at the library, "My Kayak".  To the point, the girls threatened me with death if I said it one more time.  Then Tuesday, Texter got a phone call and email from the back, winning the kayak!  Just in time for my birthday.

So now I just have to buy my paddle and life jacket (in October's budget).  I can't wait!  It is light enough for me to carry by myself.  I just need to learn how to get in and out 'gracefully'.  As in not falling in the water!  But there are a couple of friends here who are ready and willing to help me learn.  Good thing I have a carrying rack on the top of the car!

The coming week is more sewing and more walking while the weather stays nice.  There is also a gallery opening I will be going to as one of the artists is one Savvy really likes.  Hopefully, there will be something in my price range for Christmas for Savvy.

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