Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Mediterranean Grill

I have been in Helena for two years now and FINALLY visited the Mediterranean Grill.  This is a place I pass all the time as I am a frequent buyer at Park Avenue Bakery.  I just never ventured in.  Time and money just never seemed to aline.  However, yesterday CJ treated us all to lunch, even Lady K, despite the fact the concept of 'sit down and be still' has yet to be learned.  

Luckily, with it being a holiday, there weren't many people there and we got a corner in the other room so her antics wouldn't disturb too many people.  

Actually, CJ wasn't that miserable looking throughout lunch.  He is not, as Savvy puts it, an 'adventurous eater', so when he found out his one dish, the rigatoni was out, he was a little bummed out.  He and Lady K had pepperoni pizza for lunch.

Savvy and I started the meal with Spinakopita.  I had never had it before.  Phyllo dough is something that's hard to go wrong with.  Spinach and feta cheese - see, I can get my veggies in.

I opted for the lunch special which was grilled ahi with a blueberry aoli, tomatoes and cucumber on a cibotta bun.  The bun was also grilled on the inside. It came with a choice of soup.  I picked the chicken/rice/curry soup which I turned over to Savvy.  She likes curry, but it's not a flavor I really like.  The sandwich on the other hand was tasty.  I was a little afraid of the blueberry aoli, but it was very good.  Not too sweet. Even Savvy, who is not a fish person, liked it.  The fresh greens had a light dressing.  I love the little bamboo picks in the sandwiches.  What a great touch.  And the paper cup was for Lady K's water.  Everything else was nice glass and china and linen napkins.

Savvy and Texter both got the Gyro sandwiches.  These were made with beef rather than lamb and the serving size was something two people could share for lunch.

Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures of desert.  They set down the plate with a slice of Caramel Cheesecake and I was attacking it like I hadn't stuffed myself already.  We also shared a piece of Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake.

Despite the nippy weather, Texter, Lady K and I had walked down to the Mediterranean Grill, so I got to waddle home with a very full tummy and right to bed for an afternoon nap.  Actually, I waited until Lady K fell asleep and got up and finished up with some unpacking sitting in the living room floor.

Savvy and I decided the Mediterranean Grill was some place we would return with and sample other items on the menu and leave the others to Miller's Crossing for burgers and nachos.

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