Sunday, September 06, 2015

Week in Review - August 30 - September 5

It's been that kind of a week - all mixed up.  Actually, I was entertained with a 'fashion' show by Lady K as she tried on and discarded outfits from a bin of her clothes.  She needed a little help with the shorts as she was trying to put both legs in one hole, but other than that, she handled it all pretty well. I have to keep reminding myself she's just an average 2.5 year old and not a genius for figuring out clothes.

Steps - That's the BIG news this week.  Christine and I have been pulling one foot in front of the other rather well and have given ourselves this challenge - 300,000 Steps in September

That is suppose to be 10,000 steps a day. But as I have found out as I have been hit with a cold (or something), extra steps on prior days makes it easy to keep my average up and not HAVE to make 10,000 steps when I feel like dog poop and it's rainy and chilly outside.

So for the 5 days so far in September, I am at 54,105 steps, 4100 over goal!  And that's even with only making 5400 steps yesterday.  For the week, I walked 76,625 steps or 6600 steps over my goal of 10,000 steps a day.  

At the end of September, upon meeting our goal (and I am sure we will as we are both too stubborn not to), a pedicure is our reward.  Of course, the way my feet currently look, a farrier might have to be called in!

In other news - 
  • Finished up with the old apartment and turned in the keys.  Now to concentrate on arranging and putting up things in the new house.
  • Purchased 20 yards of muslin for mockups of costumes for the girls and aprons and bonnets for the Big Read at the library.
  • 5 posts 
  • Mailed off my Books and Bloggers swap package
  • Made copies of the blocks and paper piecing patterns for the 1930's Farmer's Wife QAL starting on the 28th.  I made 2 copies of the paper piecing as I plan on a black/white/red quilt and a scrap quilt (I think at this point.)
  • Ordered my NaNoWriMo 'stuff' for November and made room arrangements for write-ins at the library.
  • Slowly getting in the groove with Texter being the student and her study needs.
  • New appliances arrived and installed.
  • Updated my calendar with activities during the Big Read to help out at the library.
The coming week I am on vacation! I made it through the move without time off.  Ok, I traded a day, but will be repaying that next Saturday.  This week I plan on -
  • Outline for blogging class at the library the following week.  Means I need to tweak my own blog a bit.
  • Finish up a book about an animal for the Nonfiction Book Group.
  • Texter to the dentist on Friday
  • Some sewing and crocheting and just relaxing.  Mainly finding all my sewing/fibers/craft stuff and at least have in one area, all together
  • Putting more stuff up and away in the house
Well, another fashion show is underway, so I need to refresh my coffee and pay attention.  

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