Monday, February 22, 2016

Mandala-less Monday - I'm A Seedy Character

Unusually warm temperatures here in Helena have prompted me to forget the fact I now live in Zone 4 and not Zone 7.  It's sad.  And my head knows there will be more snow in the next couple of months.  But my heart says "SOIL"!

Therefore, I have spent a ton on seeds since I now have a yard again.  My journal is full of plans for the tiny front yard and patio area we have to cram two large dogs, one soon-to-be-three-year-old and my desire for plants.  

Actually, with her birthday at the end of March, Lady K is going to be getting a sand box.  One we can cover over the winter.  Texter already realizes she will be spending lots of time on the front porch this summer so Lady K can play outside. Luckily, our wi-fi will reach her computer there!


While not quite to this stage in February in North Carolina, this was the end of April, 2012.

So you can see my impatience is a bit understandable.  Fifty something years of starting seeds in January and February is a hard habit to break.  And now that I have a yard!

First, I am going to build a long raised bed on our 'upper' level in the yard.  It will be "L" shaped so I can take advantage of some of the fence for cucumbers and peas (green, not field).  Tomatoes will be in containers on the patio area which will get sun from about 11 in the morning until later in the evening.   It's also sheltered and between two houses, so hopefully will create more heat for my little round babies.

There is also a circular area where a tree was removed.  I will use that area to plant my melons and pumpkins and let them run free.  I might start some asparagus in there too.  But I am going to have to figure out some way to edge it up about 6-12 inches and fill with compost.

Along the porch is a bed which I will have to empty out and replace the soil and I have the railings and room for hanging baskets.  So flowers will be coming too.

All my garden areas will also have to have some stakes and string to keep the dogs out.  They will have the lower level for pooping and peeing.  And being the couch potatoes they are, they will be hanging out on the porch with Texter.

Sunday (the 21st of February), I started some of my seeds indoors.  I plan on trying out the dense seeding method used by my NCTomatoMan, Craig LeHoulier.  It's worked for him for years and since my space is limited for inside sprouting, I thought I would give it a try.  You can check out his method in these videos here.  I really want to try this method since I bought a ton of his dwarf tomato seeds.

Lynn wasn't sure she was all that happy with my rearranging things.  I put up the card table in the corner of the kitchen.  The window is west facing and gets some nice light all day.  It is also right where there is a heating vent, so that area will stay warm.  The litter box is up under the table now and 'her' table, I dropped the leaves on and pushed against the wall.  Actually, what I did was tidy up the place and set up the card table.

I am also recycling some containers I picked up from work and from home.  That will save a bit on my costs, especially since I am planting basically one item in them.

This is my final outcome for the day.  I had some basil and rosemary I needed to get in pots.  Hopefully, they will make the transition from water to potting soil ok.

A list of what got planted - 

Lavender Lady (can't have too much lavender and this is one which is suppose to be good in pots, so maybe I can bring some inside and overwinter)
Basil - Dark Opal, Genovese, Summerlong and Sweet.  I still want to get some lemon basil and hopefully, these too, I can bring some inside over the winter.
Garlic Chives
Mammoth Dill
Common Thyme

Actually, all my herbs are in one roasting pan.

I started a bunch of lettuce and spinach in the other pans - 

Lettuce - All Year Round, Black Seeded Simpson, Looseleaf Blend, Mini-Greens Blend, Vulcan, and a Sweet Salad mix of Mesclun.  Actually, the mini-greens I plan on keeping indoors (I think).  They are suppose to be tiny micro-greens.

Spinach - Baby's Leaf Hybrid, Big Ruffles Hybrid, Bloomsdale Long Standing

So plenty of salads on the way.

I am trying something for the first time, which is onions - from seeds.  I have done onion sets for ages, but never from seed.  These are going to be for spring onions and not grown as big onions.  I have Tokyo Long White and Evergreen Long White.  These will be for cooking and salads.

My tomatoes, I am holding off on a bit (reluctantly).  But I did start my Red Robin tomatoes.  They are such a tiny plant to begin with (about 6-10 inches tall) and even if I have to put them in pots, they are still very small pots.  And I also started some peppers - Sweet Red, Pretty and Sweet Hybrid and Sweet Heat.

The next update will be on what I didn't start on Sunday!

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  1. There's nothing more motivating than a few warm days -- I'm going to check out your video link, thanks -- may all your seeds grow and thrive!


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