Monday, February 29, 2016

Mandala Monday and Monthly Review

  • Work on Seedcrone!  
  • Schedule a writing meet up Been under the weather for too long!
  • Do my Bee Hive swap block and get it mailed out on time And can't wait for March block 
  • Finish up the Bonnie Hunter quilt and decide on my next quilt project
  • Order yarn for Knit, Swirl pattern Ordered and hopefully with pick up next week
  • Start working on Harley Quinn outfit
  • Finish purple socks Abandoned
  • No drive thru eating Almost, not quite, but a lot better
  • Continue with menu planning Planned whole month of February and will do the same for March
  • Sign up for next Chaotic Goddess swap Yep, and will order off Etsy tomorrow and start on the 'extras'
  • Read one book on home shelf
  • Send off my postcard to have printed for Liberate Your Art postcard swap did and in plenty of time for the deadline
  • Make some pin cushions
  • Start buying one new towel and one plant a month (don't ask)
  • Check out Old Navy for more dresses of course, it is a discontinued dress.  will see about making my own pattern for it.
  • Get design board reworked and hung up Did it!
  • Check on the status of my Dr. Who scarf and see what yarns I need to buy to complete Did it and have a digital copy of my chart listing too.
Overall, despite feeling like crap for the past two months (really body!), I did manage to get a lot done on my list.  So I am pleased with my progress.  Several of the things undone will be moved to March.

For March - 
  • Prep for Camp NaNoWriMo in April
  • Hot springs visit end of the month during Texter's spring break
  • Do my March Bee Hive block and get it out on time
  • Complete the Mystery Quilt
  • Complete the blocks released in March for Modern HST and RSC16 Challenge
  • Get Handmade Swap out
  • Work on Big Stitch Swap present
  • Play with the serger and make a top using it
  • Get the rest of the Harley Quinn materials and work on it
  • Tizer Gardens and greenhouse 'work'
  • Pick up yarn and start Knit/Swirl sweater
  • Start getting materials for yard and container gardening
  • Keep my journal(s) up-to-date in a more timely manner
  • Organize basement some
  • Attend Sleep Yoga class and put some the ideas into action for a better night's sleep
So I am off for another cup of coffee and to get my journal caught up with all the bits and pieces I have laying around.  I am looking forward to a 'better' month in March.

(Note:  my Red Robin tomatoes are starting to emerge!)

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