Sunday, February 14, 2016

Week In Review - February 7 - 13

Managed to slip away Friday night for a quick drink at Triple Divide with Savvy.  This is my Queen of Hearts where I discovered Bordeaux Cherries.  Move over maraschino, there is a new game in town.

I was lucky enough to help a friend work on her studio.  We moved a couple of car loads of fabric and quilting 'stuff' to her new space.  Right now there is an antique bedroom suite in there until she gets the room at home cleaned out and can move it in.  It is definitely drool-worthy.  But since it is a family heirloom, I think she might notice it going missing.  I took home two large garbage sacks of non-quilting fabrics.  Lots of upholstery fabric which might be made into journal covers in the future for possible gifts.  Or maybe coasters.  There was some crepe-like fabric, enough for at least one top and maybe a skirt for Savvy for work.  The top would be for me.  But today I will probably pull out the definitely keeps from not-sure-about and get them stored away.

I was also fortunate enough to be taken to the Broadwater Hot Springs right outside town.  They have been renovating and the dressing room area is really nice.  Wet and dry sauna, hot tubs, and pools outside, all kept nice and toasty.  While outside in the pool, we were lucky to see a bald eagle fly by overhead.  Can't get much better than that.  It was so nice, I took Texter back on Thursday after her test to relax.  Savvy is going Tuesday!

Lady K had her first party at 'school' this Friday.  Think 30 3-4 year old children on sugar!  Glad I had to work.

I also went and ordered my yarn for a HUGE knitting project coming up.  I am really excited about this sweater.  But Lady K was in tow.  And she immediately found the display of the DMC Top This hat kits.  After my disappointment over the Paton's Yarnimals, these are a dream.  She picked out two (she wanted them all) and I have one done.  The other I will knit on while in the car going to the museum on Monday.

The kit comes with this cute little 'head', a big rubber button to help secure it inside the at and the ball of yarn is actually three different yarns spliced together.  A dream to knit and quick.  I did make the Adult Small size, which is big enough for Lady K and her big head and still leave some room for growth.  The giraffe is next to knit.

This kit would be a good first project for someone learning to knit in the round or using double pointed needles.

Yesterday I attended a class on the Cleopatra's Fan pattern.  I had pinned it months ago and had seen a quilt made using this pattern which I adored.  I will be posting more later on this pattern.

Otherwise, the following also happened...

  • Ordered postcards using one of my mandalas for a postcard swap in March
  • Ordered TONS of seeds for my tiny, tiny garden area
  • Finished 3 books
  • Wrote 3 posts
  • Walked 56,109 steps/25.66 miles or 80% of my goal

This coming week will be a bit odd as I have Monday off for President's Day.  So far, this is how the week will be shaping up.

  • Trip to Museum of the Rockies on Monday with Lady K, Texter and friend
  • Visit Broadwater with Savvy (who has a cold coming on, so it will probably be used to drive out the cold)
  • New book group - Wilderness Book Group - on Wednesday night
  • Getting another hat finished
  • Redo and hang design board
  • Get stretcher bars and hang two pictures (fabric panels stretched on the bars)
  • Quilting and sewing a top

Well, off to get another cup of coffee, start the first of many loads of wash and get moving on 'chores'.

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