Sunday, February 07, 2016

Week in Review - January 31 - February 6

I have been 'off my stride' for the past couple of weeks.  Actually, I am blaming it on the fact the coming year is the Year of the Monkey and the Monkey is already playing games.  This year's Monkey is a Fire Monkey and clashes with my Fire Rooster (guess that makes me BBQ Chicken?).  But if I believe in the predictions for the Rooster during 2016, it should be a good year for me.  However, I need to get things done this year so I can lay low next year, as 2017 is the Year of the Rooster and supposedly you don't do well in your year.


While I have been in a cranky funk, I did manage to get some things accomplished.

  • Books read - 4
  • Posts written - 5
  • Walked - 59,075 steps/27.02 miles or 84% of my goal
  • Ordered my new glasses (along with Texter's)
  • Stuck to my menu for the week

And on the fabric front - 

I picked up the backing and background for Savvy's Cat quilt.  I also picked up the background for Texter's Fox quilt.  In fact, I managed to cut it up into the strips needed yesterday and start on my fox faces.

But before I started on that, I got the RSC16 block out of the way for February.  The color is brown with pink overtones.  So I picked up a few fat quarters as I didn't have much brown in my stash.  Please forgive the shadow over the block.

A quick and fun block which forms some interesting patterns when placed together.  Not sure yet how they will fit in the final product.  Once I finished up with these and filed them in their box with January's blocks, I did my scrappy strip in brown.

I can't wait to see how my 'color wheel' is going to turn out by the end of the year.  I will probably have to make a couple of extras as I go along to have enough, but will see.

So brown and blue are done and in the box, all safe and sound to clear off the design board for fox faces.  I took some pictures yesterday, but they are all 'yucky', so I'll take some more today and post them later.  Four are complete, which leaves 76 more to go!

The coming week is pretty uneventful (thank goodness).  
  • Attend Quilter's Guild meeting (maybe)
  • Lady K's Valentine Party at Daycare (transporting cupcakes and Texter)
  • Dinner for members of TRIO (Texter thing at school) which I am invited to attend
  • Play with the juicer I was given (we all want do to more juices and smoothies)
  • Be more attentive to my planner and goals (have fallen off the wagon over the past few weeks)
I have a ton of reading I need to get cranking on.  And I haven't forgotten the Mystery Quilt, which is so close to being done.  But I just can't get the 'umph' necessary to complete.  I have the 15th off for a holiday, as well as my normal days off, which will give me a 4 day weekend.  I am going to strive to get it done then.

So off for another cup of chocolate coffee and some blog reading before I start breakfast.

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