Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Starting Before You Finish

My 2015 Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt is still partially on the design board and partially in it's box.  I got ssssooooo tired of sewing little 4 patches and will have to gear up my resolve to continue on with it.  I have my 'resolve' scheduled for Sunday to at least move forward with it.

In the meantime, I purchased a couple of patterns I have had my eye on for some time now.  Both of them are by Elizabeth Hartman of Oh, Fransson.  They are clean and bright and modern, a real departure from other things I am working on.  And my recent obsession purchases, started with this pattern.

This is her Forest Fancy and Texter and I both flipped over it.  I love the rainbow effect and how different colors make the same blocks look different.  Upon buying the pattern, I am thrilled on the fabrics needed, she has pictures and how she lined up the 5-6 different fabrics in each color and how much in solids and how much in prints.  Really helpful.

Then I realized she had a pattern which was just foxes (Texter's favorite).

I found some light grey with little embroidered arrows in the same grey on it for the background and will probably go with bright modern fabrics for the fox faces.  Texter is over the top in anticipation for this one.

Not to leave out Savvy, I used still more coupons and purchased several yards of the Tula Pink Elizabeth for the backing for this quilt.

Cats!  I have a purple for the background and tons of prints which I will be using for the 100 cats I have to make for the quilt.  But I think once I get started, I can assembly line production.  I am not sure I will be doing the rainbow effect, but maybe.

What is funny is that I have to get some solids to coordinate.  I have only been concentrating on prints.

But both the cats and the foxes have this little whimsical treat.  Glasses!

There will be glasses on a couple in each quilt.  How could I leave them out.

But in the meantime, I have been working on my Bee Hive Swap for February.  The colors were grey and aqua.  I will be using the 'leftovers' to make cats and foxes with.

Definitely modern prints and even though the background for the fox quilt is grey, these are darker and will work out just fine.  Once I get my 'curves' for the block completed to my satisfaction, I will show you what it looks like.  Right now I am glad I am not doing a quilt with curves.

I have stayed up on my Modern HST QAL.  The last block was "Ninja".

I 'think' my points are getting better, but the proof will begin the final product.

Here are the two blocks together we have done so far.  Few more days and block number 3 will be released. 

I am waiting for the February block for the RSC16 QAL.  

I also finished up another purple sock.  But I am not thrilled with the looks.  So I set it aside for a bit and will pick it back up again in a few days.

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  1. Oh my gosht! Those new quilt patterns are super cute! I love the Forest Fancy one!


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