Friday, March 18, 2016

Gardening Update

The weather, which has been unseasonably warm for February and March in Montana, reminded us all yesterday it was still winter with a dip in degrees and some white stuff flying around.  And now, it's suppose to head back up again.  I am sure my potatoes in pots will appreciate it.

But on the gardening front, I toured the community garden where I will be helping out and have a 20 X 20 plot for the season.  Supposedly there is a thistle problem in this patch, but I feel with my intensive planting and Scots/English heritage, there won't be a thistle problem for long.

The garden is about 4 miles from the house, 5 minutes most by car.

And my plot is on the north side of this garden area.  I will have to watch my squash and pumpkins to be sure they don't 'stray'.

It's up on a hill and no trees around.  So sun, or lack of it, won't be an issue.

And another bonus, there is a play ground right beside it.  So Texter and Lady K can come and play while grandma gardens.

Meanwhile, back at the house...

Just to prove I'm not just about veggies, here is one of the flats where I have flowers started.  So the yard should be getting some color as well.  Right now I am awaiting the pink tulips which are slowly coming up beside the porch.  I have plans for roses and peonies also in the yard.

And for Lady K (and the birds), I have some Mammoth Sunflowers and Autumn Beauty Sunflowers emerging.  Those will probably go around the fence in the yard.  After I put up some stakes and twine to attempt to keep the dogs at bay.

I did sneak in some Harvest Moon Watermelons, which are similar to Moon and Stars Watermelon which I have grown in the past.

My attempt at growing an avocado is underway.

This is one of the first flats I started.  The peppers took a while to germinate because the house is a bit cool for them.  Texter didn't appreciate finding the heating pad under my flat of plants.  And my lavender just isn't coming along.  Going to give it a few more days and then sprinkle more seeds in there.

But my little Red Robin tomatoes are about ready to start transplanting.  This weekend I'll get some pots for them, little ones, and move them over.  Which means I'll also have to put up a table in from of the window in the living room which is south facing and gets light most of the day.  Maybe.  I think.

These are the loose leaf lettuces.  The container on the left is actually a miniature lettuce mix and it won't be long before I can start snipping off leaves.

Onions on the right for green onions and then my pumpkin and squash on the left.  Or rather the first of a lot of pumpkins and squash.  I seem to have jumped onto the pumpkin/winter squash band wagon this year for the first time.

My 'herb garden'.  Luckily, Savvy loves pesto.  I can see a lot of pesto in our future.

And then, my babies.  My dwarf tomato plants.

This isn't all the 'stuff' growing in my kitchen.  I have some pots and flats which are not up yet and a couple where I didn't bring over their pictures.  It's sad, I know.

So it won't be long before I will be transplanting into cups and labeling.  Not all of these will remain with me through the season.  Some will go to friends (and the family breathes a sigh of relief).  Some will go to into the beds and containers I will have at home and the rest into the community garden plot.

NOTE:  This is not all the seeds yet to start.  I am going to try starting corn inside and transplanting, among other things.  Just call me "Frankengardener".

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