Sunday, March 13, 2016

Week In Review - March 6 - 12

Who can resist sunny crocus 'welcoming' springtime?  

And boy, do I have spring fever!  

The weather here has not been typical.  Even with only 3 winters under my belt, I know.  But I am loving it.  However, this summer, when I am complaining about the smoke from wildfires, please remind me of this.

This week was a bit odd because I had swapped hours around so I could watch Lady K while she was sick.  However, her illness did not continue (thank goodness), but I had a weird schedule.  And once again, another week with very little fabric/fiber interaction.
  • Tizer Gardens - 5 hours in the greenhouse, filling flats and planting
  • Quilt Studio (KE has to find a name for it!) - 3 hours moving furniture out of the studio, back to her emptied bedroom where all the quilting stuff once was.  My Virgo brain loves seeing order come out of chaos.  So KE now has a lovely bedroom for her son, daughter-in-law and grand daughter to stay when they visit.  And the cutting table is now set up in the studio.
  • Goodreads - 9 books!  And before everyone goes crazy about reading 9 books in a week, most of those were started prior to this week and I was finishing up on the tail end of them.
  • Steps - 48,094/69% of goal or 21.99 miles.  I know one day my fitbit was totally drained and didn't record the full day.  But I know I haven't been getting in the miles.  My 5 hours at Tizer Gardens was basically spent standing in one spot.
  • Posts written - four
  • Planted a tableful of seeds to go in the garden - mainly flowers this time - and several pots of potatoes in the yard
  • Traced the girl's paternal grandmother's family on one side back to Scotland in the late 1600's
So the coming week will be back on schedule and full steam ahead.  However, the weather will be dropping down into the 40's again with some rain - bummer.
  • Mail out my Handmade swap now that all the 'parts' have arrived
  • Start on deciding what to make for my Big Stitch Swap 2
  • Catch up on all my monthly challenges 
  • Get my Bee Hive swap out
  • Polish up the opening to my novel to send to Miscon30 for critique in May
  • Work on my Honeycomb Cowl
  • Tour the community garden with the manager and see about being an assistant manager and getting a plot (or 2)
Off to get sewing, or at least cutting out, so 'sleeping dogs' lie.  And to keep an eye on the pigeon which is eyeing me from the roof next door.

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