Thursday, March 10, 2016

I DON'T Have a Seed Problem

Regardless of what Texter says, I don't think I have a problem.  I am just probably being overly positive about my gardening this year.

This is my seed growing set-up right now.  The kitchen table (which we don't use) and a card table, all packed with containers of seedlings and seeds waiting to grow.  

This is the first group I planted and they are doing well.  Waiting for some peppers to emerge and the ginger, but otherwise doing well.  Unfortunately, since my space is so limited, it will soon be time to move some of the seedlings to individual cups.  But will hold off as long as possible.  But my growing hasn't been confined to just inside gardening...

My garden assistant helped me plant 6 containers of potatoes.  Three red potato pots and three Yukon Gold containers.  I haven't grown potatoes in containers before, so this is an experiment for me.  But she is getting into the gardening mode with me.

And the reason I haven't done much on the fabric front lately...

Five hours of fun in the soil and greenhouse at Tizer Gardens, getting ready for the new season.  First, filling flats and getting them ready for planting seeds.

And enjoying listening to my audio book while quietly 'seeding' away, I had these flats planted and labeled.  These are All-American Selections which will be grown and put into the garden.  As my 'payment', I got to bring home some packets of seeds left over from last year.

Home again and sorting the seeds, pulling duplicates for a friend and making a list.  Luckily, I will have a plot in one of the community gardens this year (probably a 20 x 20 in-ground plot) so I can have room for beans, corn and all the rest.  Maybe.


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  1. Definitely not a problem, as long as you share the rewards!


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