Saturday, March 12, 2016

House Shoes

My mother wore house shoes.  Those pale aqua, pink or white Dearform slippers with the flower in the middle of the top.  My dad had house shoes.  The leather moccasin style.  Myself?  Well, I scorned the whole idea of house shoes and either went barefoot or had on socks.  No old-lady-house-shoes for me! Granted, I kick off my shoes when I come home.  Shoes and then bra, actually. 

See those?  House shoes!  Big, black, warm house shoes.  They are probably a man's house shoe because I have long feet and my feet don't really fit in dainty old-lady-house-shoes.  And I wear them.  Every day.  Morning mainly.

It think it started as a combination of the cold in Montana and the cold floors and that nasty bunion on my left foot.  But  whatever it was which prompted me to start wearing them, I have discovered a few things.

  • They are easier to get on that socks 
  • They have thicker soles than socks
  • Unlike socks, which everyone else in the house will take and wear, no one bothers my house shoes
  • I have to take them off in specific places when I go to bed so I can find them first thing in the morning
  • I get testy when my house shoes are not where I left them
Does this mean I'm getting old?

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  1. I've been wearing slippers for a while. Used to be ones like your mom's, ballet flats, delicate little things, but this year I upgraded to thick fluffy slippers that look like they're a cousin to Uggs or something, but they're super handy. No socks needed and I can run out and get the mail in them or haul the garbage to the curb. And my feet stay warm. :)


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