Tuesday, June 21, 2016

All You Need are Peonies...and Friends

The lilac season is over here in Montana and we are now into the peony time of year.  I love peonies! Unfortunately, my good friend CS is at home this year while her peonies are in bloom, unlike last year.  Fortunately, she is a good friend and understand my NEED for peonies and generously shares.  Of course, she is wise enough to cut some for herself before she turns me loose on them.  She's not dumb.

Once again, the vase, which I thought I would never use, is getting a workout, filled with big, pink, fluffy peonies.

The peonies arrived at a good time.  I have been a bit 'down in the dumps' lately, possibly due in part to the fact I am not taking my vitamins like I should (long story there, trust me).  Which means I need to get off my duff and package up my daily dosages and have them ready to grab and go. 

Then there is another reason(s) for my mood of the moment - work.  A situation at work which may or may not work it's way out to my satisfaction.  And you know the old saying "when Momma ain't happy, nobody is happy!"

I have also started a new-to-me technique in my journal which is to reach into my bin of magazine clippings and pull out 3-4 images and do a collage.  Monday's was a bit too close to home.

The gilded image on the left reminds me of the feeling of carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders - which I have felt like I have been doing recently (another sign I need to be making my 'meds').  On the right, I feel 'dog-tired' (another sign to take my pills!)

But overlaying all of that is the fact I have friends who are behind me, presenting bouquets of flowers, both literally and figuratively.  And how can you not feel better by that?  

It's taken me a long time to be able to express to others how I am feeling and what's bugging me.  In the past, the situation at work would have me seething inside (and I still am - somewhat), but I wouldn't have shared it with anyone.  I would have kept it to myself.  Now I have 'my peeps' I can talk to, who understand where I am coming from, and can validate what I am feeling or tell me where I am definitely off my rocker.  

So, I have vented and ranted, and now must wait for the outcome of the situation to be resolved and take the next step as necessary (or not).  

In the meantime, I will stop and smell the peonies...

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