Wednesday, June 01, 2016

MisCon Musings

The Memorial Day weekend was spent, again, in Missoula.  This year we were lucky enough to have a friend let us crash in his room overnight, so I didn't have to drive back and forth.  However, Lady K is still a smidge too young, so corralling and entertaining her was a pain.  Therefore, we left Sunday night rather than Monday to come home.  On one hand I was glad.  I was exhausted mentally and physically.  On the other, I didn't get Patrick Rothfuss to autograph my books!

MisCon is a science fiction/fantasy book lovers and writers dream.  Tons of authors at your fingertips.  Literally.  Accessible.  Tons of panels on various topics of writing.  And if you aren't into the writing end of things, there are scads of workshops and panels on art and illustration, cosplay and costuming and gaming.  If you can't find something to do at Miscon...well, you're boring.

I sucked it up this year and sent in the first chapter of my Seedcrone book.  I was on a panel critique with the likes of Carol Berg as one of the authors giving me feedback.  (And boy, do I have a lot of work ahead of me!)

These are the books I purchased at MisCon.  J. A. Pitts writes a fantastic series with the lead character of Sarah Beauhall.  This is book four which was released in March, but I waited until now to buy because I knew he was going to be there.  What a rush to have the book in hand and find him standing there and have him sign my book and me fangirl for a bit.  And to find out book five is going to be released in the near future.

The Summer Dragon, which I reviewed here, was a book I picked up on a bit of a whim.  Todd Lockwood, I had heard on panels last year.  However, when this book was released Shawn Speakman and Terry Brooks were raving about it, so I decided to give it a try.  Great book!  And I have an autographed copy, personalized for me.  And I got to speak with him a bit while he signed it.  Plus a dragon drawing on the first page.  Squeal!

Clockwork Angels, by Kevin J. Anderson, was my third purchase.  I have to hang my head in shame over not knowing who he is.  What hasn't the man been involved in?  Dune, Star Wars, plus his own work.  I now have a huge list of his books to read.  And he told the best story about being 8 years old and the book mobile.  What's not to love?

I was able to meet and have books signed by...

Drumroll, please...


And I didn't squeal.  At least not out loud.  

Carol Berg and Robin Hobb (squeal again) rounded out my signed books.  

I now have a shelf which I am dedicating to my autographed books.  Don't even think about asking to borrow them!

One of the great things about the con is (1) it's relatively small and (2) the authors, editors and publishers are just walking around, sitting in their booths, up close and personal on panels.  A dream come true.  I have to get over thinking of them as AUTHORS and be more willing to ask them for a moment and speak to them.  But they're GODS!  So a bit of courage is needed on my part for next year.

This year, they gave us swag bags upon picking up our badges.  After the first day, they started laying out books for patrons to take.  So this is my 'haul'...

In books alone, I got my registration money back!  Texter reaped a similar haul and we still had extra copies for Savvy.  So my summer reading is set.

But a problem I have is I also have several authors who were there whose work I want to read...Randy Henderson, Peter Wacks, and Peter Orullian to name a few.  So I have to go back again next year to get them to sign the books I'll read over the next year.

Actually, Texter and I are trying to figure out how to volunteer during the convention.  Actually, during the year leading up to Miscon.  There is too much going on during the convention I want to do.  So maybe I can help pre-opening.  Texter wants to help with security.

So the next year will be a lot of money saving (for more books and a hotel room) and brain-storming on a baby sitter for Lady K.  Granted a year will probably allow her to sit still during panels and listen to her ipad and be a bit less 'work', but a baby sitter would be nice.

And I have a lot of writing to do.  Lots and lots of inspiration and ideas gleaned from panels I can use for my writing.  So next year, when I submit my work again, maybe I'll make the 'advanced' workshop list.

Off now for more coffee (went three days without coffee!) and more writing.

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