Sunday, June 12, 2016

Week In Review - June 5 - 11

I actually got to sleep in a bit this morning.  Well, some people wouldn't call staying in bed until 6:30 a.m. "sleeping in", but for me it is.  Actually, I let the dogs out about 5 a.m. and crawled back into bed and drifted for a bit.  Was nice.  Lady K had spent the night on her mother's floor.  But before anyone gets upset about the child on the floor, she has her own bed, she just doesn't want to sleep there.  She was "camping", complete with my copy of Walden in the 'sleeping bag' with her.

So once up today and working on this later than I normally do, I was thinking this past week had been pretty quiet.  Nope - it seems we did do a lot of fun things this past week.

  • Worked in the community garden plot and got the last part weeded (3 buckets full of weeds).  Now it's stay caught up weeding, replanting what's not making it...maintenance.
  • Attended Coffee Klatch at work 
  • Went to the CrafTea at work and made patriotic wreaths
  • Attended the Reeder's Alley Block Party and had snow cones!

Reeder's Alley is very interesting and all uphill!  Probably the oldest part of Helena, it has an interesting history and I am glad it has been preserved like it has.  Really interesting to wander around there.  And it was packed for their block party.  Texter, Lady K and I went for (1) the walk and (2) the SNOW CONES!

I had a banana snow cone and was instantly transported back several decades to hot, humid nights in Oak Cliff, Texas, waiting in line at Aunt Stelle's for snow cones.  It is still going strong it seems, tucked away in a residential area of Oak Cliff (suburb of Dallas) and shared the property with a barber shop.  It was literally a hole in the wall operation, but during the summer, lines down the sidewalk and several dozen flavors to choose from.  Love me some neon, fake banana flavor!

Lady K and Texter shared blue raspberry.  Neon blue and stained tongues and teeth, much to someone's delight.  She's not a good snow cone sharer though.  She wanted it all for herself.

  • Gave the Couch to 5K app a try out and walked past the "Iris" house

A few blocks away from my house, is one with a yard filled with iris of all colors.  I slowed down in my walk/jog to take pictures.  So lovely.

  • Texter and I started "Geocaching"

Geocaching is treasure hunting with GPS.  Little 'caches' are hidden and coordinates posted and you go and try and find them.  They usually include a little log book to record you found it.  Some of them have little items you can take and left a little something of your own for the next person.  And Helena is a hotspot for geocachers.  If you find a certain amount around town you can turn in your log sheet and get a 'coin'.  But Texter and I are doing it for other reasons too.  One, you can learn some of the history in the area.  Two, it gets us out of the house and walking.  And three, it's a fun summer 'project'.  Texter is in charge of plotting 'routes' for us.

The first night we did it we found the two caches we were looking for.  Last night, nope.  Out of the four caches we were looking for we found.....


But we did 'discover' the horse sculpture at the Myna Loy Theatre, which is the old county jail.  Enjoyed some of the architectural features of the old governor's mansion.  And got my steps in.

The coming week includes:

  • More geocaching as we start our Couch to 5K with friends
  • Quilt Shop Hop road trip on Tuesday
  • More gardening (and hopefully a garden pictorial update)
  • Hike on Saturday

So now off to refresh my coffee and continue my Sunday.

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  1. I've always wanted to go Geocaching, but never have. I've heard there's a bunch that were originally placed around here, but most have been stolen. Some of my friends and I thought it would be fun to go and replace the stolen caches and restock the empty ones, but we haven't gotten around to it yet.


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