Sunday, June 05, 2016

Week In Review - May 29 - June 4

In spite of my Memorial Day Weekend away, I am slowly getting back in the groove of routine.  And remembering what day of the week it is!

This time last week I was on my last day of MisCon 30.  And exhausted already.  So much so, we (Texter and I) decided to forgo the last day and come home Sunday night.  Also last week I accomplished the following:

  • Attended a Silent Writing meet-up with the Helena Area Literary Arts group at the Red Atlas.  Great hour of writing and meeting some other local writers.  Can't wait for the next meet-up.
  • Came home from MisCon and unsubscribed to about 45 junk email 'stuff'.  Mainly fabric stores and the like.  My inbox looks so much nicer.
  • Finished two books
  • Walked 54,032 steps or 77% of goal (which is being upped in the coming weeks - more about that later)
  • Wrote 4 posts
  • Staff Appreciation BBQ at the library on Friday during which I ate enough for 10 people
  • Worked in the community garden plot for 3 hours and dug out 4 5-gallon buckets of thistles and other weeds, resulting in only half of one bed being cleared and a huge blister on the palm of my hand.
  • Finished up two of the four 'welts' on Knit and Swirl Sweater I planned on completing by the end of June while watching "Primeval".
  • Got a bale of straw (finally) and mulched at the community garden and at home.  Topped up the potato pots with straw.  

This coming week -

  • Moving over to using my 'official' Bullet Journal notebook (in preparation for my "Planners, Planning and Productivity" class in September)
  • Finish up weeding in community garden plot and do a 'tomato' dance.  My little tomatoes are so far behind.  I keep hoping the warmer temperatures this coming week will help.
  • Help install 4 ceiling fans in the house (since we don't have air conditioning)
  • Clean a couple of things off the porch
  • Attend the "CrafTea" event at the library after work on Wednesday.  Making a patriotic wreath this month.  Texter will join me and we will tag team Lady K.
  • Attend the Montana Wild "Owls" outside Wednesday evening
  • Post two book reviews for Blogging for Books so I can get my next books
  • Type up all the handwritten pages for Seedcrone
  • Get to working on the Harley Quinn costume for Texter
  • Prepping to start a "Couch to 5K" with Texter and friends at the library.  We are planning on being ready this time next year to run in the Governor's Cup.  
  • Harvest a ton of lettuce and fix a lot of salads for lunches/dinners.  I mean a lot of lettuce.
  • Pull out the broccoli which is all leaves and plant some beans in their place.
  • Do a garden update with pictures.

Ok, I'm exhausted already!  Off to write and drink coffee.

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