Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Recycling Christmas Mandalas

Tuesday I hopped out of bed with a list of 'stuff' to get done on my day off.  Part of that included getting the trash can to the curb (in the 6 inches of snow which fell overnight). It also meant I needed to empty out the kitty box and refill.

The problem started with the kitty litter being in the back of the station wagon.

So I trotted outside (actually, I shuffled out at 5 a.m.) and proceeded in the sub-zero weather to fling open the back of the station wagon. Problem is - in cold weather the hydraulics don't grab like they do in warmer weather and the huge, old station wagon door crashed down on my poor fragile head.

Needless to say, if I could have, I probably would have uttered some words best left unsaid. As it was, I made it back inside (finally), tears in my eyes, kitty litter in hand (must stay focused) and grabbed an ice pack.

So one concussion later, I am tired, nauseous and headachy.

And recycling Christmas mandalas from a couple of years ago.

I did go into urgent care later in the day to be told what I already knew. But they gave me some pills for the nausea.

And when I came back home, Texter and Lady K had run me a hot bath. Lady K was set to 'clean' grandma.

So know I am taking it easy for a couple of days. Which is really what you need to do during the holidays - right!

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