Sunday, December 18, 2016

Week In Review - December 11 - 17

This is how the week started out...

cookie exchange

cookie exchange  

Yep, tons and tons of cookies for a cookie exchange with friends. These are the platters for the exchange. Well, minus the mini-cheesecakes which didn't make it there.

But it was a good thing they didn't. If I was an over-achiever in the cookie making department, then multiply that by 5 of us, all over-achieving in the cookie department.  We completely covered a large kitchen table with trays of cookies. You got a sugar rush just walking into the house.

Savvy was banned from bringing any more cookies to work. Texter was hailed a goddess for the huge bag of baked goodies she brought to school on the last Monday before the semester ended.

I made off with a ton of baklava Ms. OK made. And a jar of the 'juice' left over. 

Wonder if this is why my step count was really down for the week? (36% of goal!)

NO! This is why...

Snow on birdhouse

Cold temperatures (can you say "negative"?) and lots of it!

snow in yard

My sunflowers look like they are wearing hats and there is easily 12 or more inches at this point in time. And can you say "negative temperatures"?

snow at the library

This was Thursday, the day we got a BUNCH of snow. Luckily, school was out for Texter and we convinced Lady K to stay at home, so I only had to make my way to/from the library. Even CJ had to resort to using my old Jade in order to get through the snow in the alley. His little sporty car drew up its wheels and said "NO" the point Texter had to help push him out of being stuck in the alley. There is a lot to be said for being old and heavy it seems!

Snow on sunflower

Despite the snow, several great things happened this week.

First, this past Friday I was suppose to work from 1-6 p.m. I wasn't looking forward to it because, (1) my vacation was starting the coming week and (2) Friday was suppose to be our coldest day.  BUT...

they closed the library at 1 p.m. in order to shut off power to facilitate the solar panel installation we have coming! Off - with pay!

I won some fabric in a giveaway which is on it's way to me. I also received some stickers I won...


From Laeta Designs, I won these through a Facebook giveaway.  I have been resisting the whole stickers thing in my planners, but...

I think this convinced me to try some more.  I love the punch they give my pages and I even used some of them to decorate the grid journal I have been keeping for December.

grid journal

This is from earlier in the week and I keep adding bits and pieces on it. I am so pleased with the outcome so far. I was just doing this as an example piece for a class coming up next year, but I think I am going to continue in 2017. But I have put in stickers, paints, pictures, drawings...a bit of everything.

two audio books

And from Blogging for Books, I received two audio CD's. Well, 'technically' I received one and Texter received the other one, but you can figure out who will be listening and doing the review. I hadn't realized I would be getting audio versions. Which is great, because I can listen while up and doing things like reorganizing my book shelves this week.

This past week was also spent...
  • finishing up a whopping 7 books! 
  • a trip to the dentist for Lady K (she was completely knocked out to do the work on her teeth, poor thing)
  • creating a 6 page 'to-do' list while on vacation this coming week
  • writing 4 posts
  • hiding from the cold!
  • moving stuff from the main floor down to the basement in order to declutter and reorganize
This coming week...
  • Lady K's Christmas party at 'school'. The song they will be singing is "Jingle Bells". Believe me, I know.
  • Crossing off 'to-do' items from my massive list to wind down 2016 and gear up for 2017
  • Figuring out how to get my exercise into my day
  • Lots of reading
  • A bit of sewing
  • Need to bite the bullet and go get my shingles shot while I am on vacation (sigh)
And before you think it's been all work (ha, ha, ha), Texter is also off, so there has been some jigsaw puzzle construction (chocolate candy picture!) and some World of Warcraft.

But now, off for more HOT coffee...

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