Sunday, December 04, 2016

Week in Review - November 27 - December 3

The past few weeks have been 'weird'. Weird in the fact that with the holidays, my routine has been disrupted and 'off'. I can't seem to get into that groove.  And I know there are at least 3 more weeks of this unsettled feeling before things get into a pattern again.


We have a Christmas tree. We had to go to Home Depot for screws and came home with a 3.5 foot fir for the tree. I wanted to go with a Norfolk pine (so I could have it after Christmas), but Lady K and Texter went into holiday mode and picked this.  A trip to Target for ornaments and lights and we were all set.

So my sewing table is now the bearer of the tree and soon, presents. Luckily, I only have one small sewing project to do by the end of the month.

After a trip BACK to Target because the first sting of lights didn't work, Texter and Lady K were happily decorating together.

And then the final touch, the pink glitter star.

Actually, they were starting out with blue and silver, after all BLUE is the official color of Lady K, but there was no blue glitter star. Pink was acceptable, so they had to redo all the balls they picked out.

Before you ask, no we didn't have much in the way of ornaments and lights prior to this. Lady K has been out of the state for the past two Christmas seasons. This is her first one here. We didn't bother before this, except for stockings. 

So today, it's wrapping presents time and putting them under the tree. 

The other BIG thing which happened this past week was taking "MAC" (my computer) to the repair shop. My video card died. And as it happens, after Texter was my tech liaison, Apple had a free replacement video card for the year of my computer. Two months over the cut-off, but she talked them into saving a 59 year old woman time in jail, and they replaced for free. So since it was in, having it's innards exposed, I had additional memory added. So MAC is back and better than ever.

But while in Missoula getting MAC fixed (dropped off Sunday, picked up Thursday), we stopped by the new Asian market, Castle and Pony.  

It's small. This aisle and one other. And a deli case.

But the young girl running it, Xian, was more than helpful, eager to answer any questions we might have. Texter and Lady K were happy with their Yum-Yum's and Panda cookies. 

A far cry from the Asian market in Raleigh, but better than anywhere else around. A friend, who is a patron at the library, actually called her when I told him and spoke to her (in Mandarin Chinese) and was glad he could advise his girl friend they existed.  I feel, in the conversations I had and he had with her, if there is something we wanted, she would do her best to get it for us.  

Savvy has a co-worker whose wife is native Japanese and she shared her goodies with them. I have a feeling (and a great one to have) cooking lessons are in our future.

Otherwise, this week:

  • Check up with doctor (blood pressure and sugars way up, especially for someone who has always been on the low end of the spectrum) Changes are being made.
  • Rearranged my room to accommodate Lady K's bed. She is sleeping it in now! Awaiting the arrival of her Privacy Pop.  Actually, Texter and I both want one too.
  • Won at NaNoWriMo, despite not having MAC to finish up on.
  • Led the last NaNoWriMo meet up for the year (1 person was there besides me) 
  • Finished 2 books
  • Wrote 4 posts
  • Walked 39,527 steps or 59% of goal...that WILL be changing in the coming days

So, the coming week:

  • Stitch and Bitch with friends today
  • Goal setting check in on Tuesday
  • Wrapping presents
  • Writing a couple of letters
  • Library Author even Tuesday night
  • Baking cookies for a cookie exchange next Sunday afternoon
  • Breakfast with Santa on Saturday morning and then the library Christmas party Saturday night at the bowling alley
  • More planning on 2017 workshops at the library
  • Clean up my desk area (such a mess from all the rearranging done)
So now, it's time to finish up the coffee and wrap presents so I can finish cleaning up my room. And figure out what cookies I'm making next week. I do have priorities after all!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful week! I love the pink glitter star that was chosen for the tree top! … And yay for getting your video card fixed for free! Hopefully you will be all set, at least for a while, with your computer updates! :)


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