Friday, March 24, 2017

Four Years Ago...

Four years ago Lady K arrived in our lives.

And in true Lady K style, couldn't wait until we actually arrived at our designation, but came the day before we would have arrived.

We were semi-prepared for a delivery on the way, but it took some luggage rearranging to find the diapers and clothes and bottles we had packed for the trip.

The blanket she is I had made for Savvy which Texter claimed when she came along. There has been a bit of mending on it over the past 26 years, but it is still around. (And survived the fire.)

Now that head is covered in curly blonde hair. And the brain underneath it is going 24/7. We have singing and laughing and meltdowns. Sometimes all within minutes of each other.

There is a very definite personality at age 4 and she isn't afraid to let you know it.

But this weekend we are celebrating her birthday with a weekend trip to Billings and the zoo and the mall. And in true genetic breeding, she has asked to go to the bookstore! ( she gets a free cookie at Barnes and Noble, but it's still going to the bookstore!)

The past four years has been a wild ride on many fronts. A 2400 mile move away from the part of the country her mother was raised in. A divorce. Going to 'school' and learning. Some sensitivity and immune issues diagnosed and being worked on. A devastating fire.

But through it all, her mother has held on and protected her. Aunt Savvy and Uncle CJ there to lend a hand. Grandparents from the other side of the country ready to help out when and were they can.

And for her fifth birthday next year, her 'school' will be almost over with, as will her mother's. Then we will reverse directions and head back to North Carolina.

Yep, for her short life, it has been a wild ride!

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