Tuesday, March 07, 2017

What's Cooking?

While I am waiting for my box of food from Blue Apron (had a discount coupon to try), I have been busy in the kitchen.

First, I created a weeks worth of lunches for us. A bit of intensive work up front, but the girls (or at least Savvy) seem to like being able to pull out a meal and go.

I made a couple of new recipes which will be keepers.

First up, is Thai Basil Chicken by Gimme Some Oven. I have been following Ali for a while now and she hasn't steered me wrong yet on a recipe. Her Cherry Pie Smoothie is also a winner I have tried recently.

I used chicken thighs rather than breasts because I think they stay moister and are more flavorful. Definitely a repeat recipe for Savvy and me.

Then Sunday morning, I tried Baked Apple Pancake for Texter, Lady K and me.

This was the first time I have used whipped egg whites to make a 'fluffy' pancake. And I have now invested in real maple syrup. Also a repeat recipe.

While I didn't take any pictures of it, I also tried Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Pork Sliders. Not too sweet and I made full size sandwiches. Without the cole slaw as it smelled so good and I was hungry. CJ and Texter have had a sandwich or two out of it.  Another repeat recipe.

The reason for so many new recipes? I'm braindead. I can't think of what I use to fix and I want to branch out also. I have started a new notebook of recipes to try and notes on whether or not I want to use it again. And looking for more healthy recipes. 

Plus, it keeps me out of the fast-food lane!

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