Sunday, March 19, 2017

Week in Review - March 12 - 18 - The Week of the Tonsils!

This past week has been centered around Lady K and her tonsil removal. There are times I feel we have ALL had surgery! But she is well on the way to recovery. Unfortunately, with her sensitivity issues, we have had many meltdowns (by her) this week. Hopefully, it will start on the upward swing this coming week and then back to normal.

But one of the hardest things is keeping her entertained and quiet.

We started some seeds on Saturday and ran to Home Depot to get some plant markers (which we didn't use). There, Texter and Lady K discovered the fairy garden display. I am not placing money on the whole "she wanted them" excuse from Texter.

Back at the house, they put them in the flower bed under the window where I watch her play. And she sat there happily talking away to the dog and hedgehog and rearranging bits and pieces. I have a feeling this will be part of her summer activity. 

I had received A Passion for Bread by Lionel Vatinet this week. Think La Farm Bakery in Cary, North Carolina.

This was always a favor bribe treat for the girls. White Chocolate Baguettes were a favorite of all of us and Asiago Bread one for Savvy.

This is the before picture. The other four were in the oven already. I did go out and buy a bread stone this week.

Directions were clear and easy to follow and now I need a scale so I can actually weigh out ingredients rather than measure...but...

They were good! 

Not all that time intensive and still just the right amount of sweetness without being overpowering. 

And I went and got a large stainless steel bowl to put over them in the initial cooking stage. The La Farm Bakery ones are not 'crunchy', but rather a bit soft.

On the counter, the asiago cheese cubes are reaching room temperature so I can make up a batch and let it proof while at work today.

Another 'biggie' this week was...

The release of the new 'Beauty and the Beast'!

The local theater did a pre-release on Thursday evening and Texter, Lady K and I trooped off. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairy tale in all it's renditions.

The movie did not disappoint! Awaiting arrival of the soundtrack on Monday. (Savvy already bought it in digital form, but I want the CD so we can put it in the car and maybe not listen to the same 4 songs from 'Sing!')

Friday, before work, Texter, Lady K and I took a stroll downtown. I needed postcards, cards and stamps and hopefully would tire Lady K out some. It's been a daily struggle to get her to drink (eating  hasn't been a problem) and she wants to walk. Costco has been a huge savior.

So I am restocked on cards and postcards and instead of buying the circular international stamp for the postcards, I bought various denominations to cobble together something more interesting. And some cards for writing to friends.  

So while we have been basically monitoring Lady K this week, I started the Grand Central Socks by Mina Phillips while waiting for her surgery to be over with. This is one of several socks I have planned. 

I was excited. I cranked out the top part of the sock rather quickly, despite numerous interruptions. And then came the heel. 

First off, I had to compound the issue by making a contrasting heel (and toe) a'la the Yarn Hoarder.

Then there is a new technique (to me) of German Short Rows. Sigh... And a bit of a mini-flap because of my big feet.

So working on the heel (and it's not finished yet) took most of my knitting time on Saturday. Hopefully the next one will go faster. Especially since Mina Phillips has a monthly sock pattern coming out of which I have subscribed to. 

So for the coming week...

  • Finish up the Grand Central Socks and get back on the Helix Stripe arm warmers (or at least plan on taking them with us next weekend to Billings)
  • Make Asiago Bread and see if it is halfway as good as the original La Farm bread is.
  • Finalize plans for National Letter Writing Month Program for the library
  • Pull together handouts for the above and my Writer's Roundtable program in April
  • Pull together 2500 words of Bite Me for critique at MisCon.
  • Send out postcards for Postcrossing
  • Hopefully get my 'Yarn of the Month' kit from
  • Get chairs and wagon off the porch at The Temple of Fire (and maybe some buckets for planting)

But now...

Off for more coffee and start a batch of hand...because the stand mixer which is still ok is in the basement of the Temple of Fire and I have get it and order bowls and blades to replace the ones we 'lost'.

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