Saturday, March 04, 2017

Traveling Buddha

There he is, my little traveling Buddha.

He wasn't meant to be a traveler, but things happen.

Texter ordered him and a set of amethyst mala beads for me for Christmas. She ordered a tad late and they were coming from China, so we knew his arrival would be close.

Then the Temple of Fire...


He has traveled to Colorado and California and all over trying to find us. Yesterday, Texter was able to snag him from the post office - 3 months later after his supposed arrival.

He's heavy and fits in the palm of my hand and makes a nice worry stone.

The orchid flower is from an orchid I purchased at Walmart which is finishing up blooming and was only $4. I now have two new orchids and luckily the Great Divide Orchid Society is having a repotting meeting in April, so I'll take them along and have them repotted and hopefully they will be happy and rebloom at a later date.

But otherwise, other than a tad of house work (and some poop scooping in the yard before the rain tomorrow), it's going to be a relaxing weekend for me - knitting and binge watching Netflix!

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