Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Year of Techniques - Helix Stripes

I decided to join in on this monthly technique program, mainly because I am self-taught on most of my knitting skills.

The first month (March) is about stripes and how to knit them in the round without having a little 'jog'  at the point where you switch colors. 

For some reason, when I started these arm warmers, my fingers couldn't get started at all. I don't know if it was the small needle size or what, but there is more than one mistake in my ribbing to say the least. 

And it's all me. The method of striping is simple!

I was a  bit worried at first there was not going to be enough different in color value for the stripes to show up, it works fine and I am liking the look of them.  Just a tad more and I can put in the thumb gusset. Which will probably happen today while awaiting at the doctor's surgery for Lady K to have her tonsils out.

I am excited to see what's on tap for April!

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