Monday, March 13, 2017

Princess Tea 2017

Sunday was the 'delivery' of Aunt Savvy's birthday present to Lady K - The Princess Tea!

The theme this year was Belle (since the movie is being released Friday). Even the cupcakes were suppose to mimic Belle's dress.

Books and red roses decorated all the tables. This year, instead of glass tea cups, we had mugs with the date on them. I think I like these better.

Complete with tiara, someone was trying to take in everything.

And after the 'meanies' were shown the stage exit...

A little princess claimed the stage and twirled.

Then came the Princess Parade and the 'princess of the day' got to walk in with them. Lady K was paired with Tinkerbell (who is also a friend).

But Tinkerbell, being Tinkerbell, wasn't always behaving...

Helena Playable Playgrounds and Jensen Jewelers go all out on this. Before everything settles down, you can go around and take pictures of the princesses with appropriate backgrounds. And all the princesses look like they stepped from the movies.

But it's not all princesses. There are princes too. And this one also makes a wicked grilled/smoked chicken.

Despite Grandma (me) and Aunt Savvy being Belle fans, Lady K selected Elsa as her princess to sit with this year.

Not only was Elsa beautiful in her gown, but she was so fantastic with her two little princesses and all those who walked up to her. Lady K got a royal seat for viewing the dancers.

Once again, a great afternoon. Money generated from this event each year (this was year 5) goes to improving playgrounds in the Helena area. We have one more year we can attend before we head back to North Carolina. This is one event we will miss.

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  1. How utterly charming! I love this. Are all the princesses and princes local kids that come help? What a fabulous fundraiser for all involved!


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