Tuesday, April 04, 2017

April Goals Bring May 'Finals'

So one more month! 

May 5th is my last day at work at the library. While I will miss handling books and chatting with the patrons, I have a long list of patrons to actually do things with once I quit working! I can attend the Wednesday afternoon knitting group (who are warming my chair up already). I have a personal invitation for all the genealogy help I want or need. Exciting!

But as far as my March goals went:

  • Year of Techniques book and yarn for March  I love Mason-Dixon Knitting and have been wanting to give Zauberballs a try. So arm warmers are our first project to showcase helical stripes. - nope, didn't finish them and the April technique was just released. Sigh.
  • I haven't forgotten my Hadley sweater. I didn't 'bang-it-out' in February, but I did finish up to the stopping point to start the sleeves by the end of the month. So March will be finishing up Hadley. - Didn't touch it except to move it from the living room into the bedroom.
  • My Yarn Quest scarf for Texter and myself are on the 'mindful' knitting pile. In other words, I have to concentrate on the pattern, but hopefully will get hers done in March. - hahahaha.....Not happy with the contrast of the yarns. Will have to retrench and think about it and get busy on it.
  • Flesh out and clean up my first chapter to submit to MisCon for critique by the end of the month. - nope, hasn't happened.
  • Work up my Writer's Roundtable handouts for World Creation for April. - hahaha - so busy at work haven't gotten any off-desk time to work and it and at home...please!
Personally, I am just grateful I made it through March intact!

Lady K's tonsils out was an ordeal. She made it through fine, which is more than can be said for Texter and I. Work has been crazy with people out due to surgery and a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Totally stressed in March until I sat down and talked with Savvy and Texter who were two thumbs up each for quitting my job at the library. Juggling schedules for work/school and housework were killing me. Not to mention the demands of a four year old on 'grandma'.

So for April...

Concentrate and finish a couple of knitting projects. My selection to choose from:

  • Hadley
  • Dangling Conversation (can't wait to use beads!)
  • Helix Stripes Armwarmers
  • Vanilla Socks
  • Trout Creek Shawl
  • To Eyre Shawl
  • Yarn Quest Scarf
Another goal - and this one a biggie -


Ok, I blew it already in April by going to the Craft Fair, but I'm supporting local crafters (are you buying that?)

No more big craft purchases! 

Fortunately, I have an ally in this endeavor who is currently unemployed and watching her bottom line. So we shall see. She's cut out sugar, so I'm not sure I really trust her judgement these days. 

Come on April. Bring warmer days so Lady K can play outside and her strawberries can grow. And Grandma can look forward to being home full-time!

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  1. Congrats on....is that retirement? Freedom of schedule, at least. If you need yarn, let me know. I went on a spending spree three years ago when I mistakenly thought I'd become a crochet goddess and that knitting wouldn't be that hard. Turns out I have no patience for it, so the yarn is just gathering dust. :(


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