Sunday, April 23, 2017

Week(s) In Review - April 9 - 22

With Easter last Sunday, and plans all of a sudden for brunch with friends, I skipped last weeks review. So it's double duty today.

But to back up a week, Savvy and I ate an early lunch of pho with a friend who kindly made it for us. It is an involved process, but I love all the spices. But not in my soup. While it is good, and I can see why people go crazy for it, pho just isn't going to become one of my go-to recipes. But Savvy adored it. So yes, I'll probably make it in the future, just not for me alone.

Soccer started for Lady K and she is on the 'orange' team with her coach from the fall - Coach Diego. I would rather try to herd cats than be a coach, especially for such little ones. Bless those who do!

Savvy was on vacation for the first week I am playing catch-up with. However, she was a bride's maid and had a couple of days of wedding activities to attend. CJ was about over being social by the end. 

And speaking of CJ, he had a birthday this past week. He's not into all the hoopla, so Lady K delivered a card and gift certificate to him, played with his Hot Wheels Dragon he got for Easter, and we all departed, leaving him to his computer games.

For myself, another change to my work schedule. With all the meeting we are having with various doctors and therapists for Lady K's sensitivity issues, my last three Fridays at the library are now vacation days. And can I say wonderful!

This past Friday was my first one. With me being off, Texter was able to spend the day at the fairgrounds for Helena College Day, assisting the head of her department at their table. I got Lady K to her therapist appointment and back to 'school' for nap time and show and tell in the afternoon. I did manage to sneak in coffee (or rather hot chocolate) with a friend in the morning.

I did manage to get in a couple of walks over the past couple of weeks. Yesterday, I took Lady K out for a walk. 

As everyone knows, a walking stick is very important on a walk. However, if you are a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, you have to store it somewhere. Like Michelangelo.

It's hard to tell, but around her head is a hair band. Worn backwards. It's blue. Like Leonardo. 

But we have had some concerns recently about her ability to walk far. She has been getting a ways and then wanting to be carried because 'her legs hurt'. I mentioned last week she needs to walk more because we are going on a hike to a cave in a few weeks (it's two miles).

So yesterday, getting her out of Texter's hair so she can study, we walked around the lake, which is about a mile and up and back to the wildlife center. So probably about 1.5 miles.

This is how she 'walked'...running up ahead and taunting me to 'catch her'. Nothing wrong with those legs!

Another cooking related item - sourdough. It seems I can't create my own sourdough very well. But I can keep it alive just fine. The past couple of days has seen me making a Cinnamon-Raisin Bread, but with pecan strudel and raisins instead. 

And it makes great french toast!

And a recipe of Extra Tangy Sourdough loaves.  both recipes are from King Arthur Flour. However, in my zeal, no after-baking pictures occurred.  The Raisin bread is almost gone. One of the loaves went home with Texter's study buddy on Saturday. Not as 'tangy' a taste as I thought, but pretty good. Didn't brown like I expected either. More work is needed.

On the fiber front, I have been knitting daily, mainly because I am spurred on by the #100dayproject. I was doing a rotation of some of my projects and at the end of the week, just concentrated on 'To Eyre', a little shawl/capelet.

I want to make this one again, for me, in the larger size. But this one has gone to Savvy to throw over her shoulders at work. It has enough shaping to 'hang on'  without falling off.

As I was finishing up on this item, Mason-Dixon Knitting started a KAL for the Colorwash Scarf. I had a couple of skeins in my stash which I think will work nicely and decided to join in.

The first ball I was able to wind into a nice, neat ball easily. The second one...

Well, you can see my issue. I still have at least 200 yards left to untangle. I think a swift and ball winder are on my 'need' list now!

But it is suppose to be a cool, rainy Sunday, so some watching of TV and careful untangling is in my forecast.

So this coming week...

  • Starting the Colorwash Scarf
  • Starting pumpkin seeds indoors
  • Transplanting larger seedlings
  • More walking!
  • Another Friday off work!

Off to get more coffee and to think about the TON of laundry I need to get through today.

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