Sunday, April 09, 2017

Week In Review - April 2 - 8

It's been a busy week, but overall, a good one.

It started with an event at the library for National Letter Writing Month. The workshop went well with 6 people showing up, happily writing letters and spending the entire two hours there.  The 30th will be a 'closing' workshop for the month.

Monday had me meeting up with Miss Oklahoma and doing some planning on where I wanted to go once my time at the library was up. And drinking some great General Merc hot chocolate. I'll use any excuse!

Tuesday was a day trip to visit Freezeout Lake and Catarac Falls. Details of the wonderful day are here.

Tuesday was also the kick-off for the #100dayproject. And I am happy to say I am doing well, getting in a little bit of knitting daily. Saturday was a really good day and made some real progress on my "To Eyre" Shawl. I need to get it done because Savvy can use it at work. Today "Trout Creek" is up for some loving.

Hopefully I will be through the larger color eyelet stripes by the end of the day.

Thursday was the Queen City Writer's Roundtable. We talked about 'world creation' with regard to our novels and how important it is to figure out some of the tiny details to make your world believable. Not sure how the Roundtable is going to continue once I leave the library.

Saturday had Lady K up early, pulling items for her 'breakfast'.

So bologna and cheese might not be a typical breakfast, but it worked for her.

Then it was gather up a half a brisket (the other half had cooked in the crock pot on Friday for sandwiches over the next few days) and go over to Miss Oklahoma's house for her to show me how to make pho.

The spices alone were enough to make me long for a good Asian market nearby. That cinnamon looks like 'real' cinnamon should and not the 'pretty' sticks you get in a jar at the grocery store.

One of the two pots going to make the broth. And before we added the roasted ginger and onions and the brisket. It seems I just might have to get another large pot if it turns out we really like pho. 

Miss Oklahoma and I sat and plotted and planned, admiring fabric we each had. I am getting ready to work on some project bags for me (and maybe to sell some?) and she is working on the cutest "T" dresses for little girls and a square dance dress. Yes, there are still square dance gatherings!


  • Finished 4 books
  • Wrote 4 posts
  • Walked 65% of my goal steps
  • Set my April goals
  • Attended the orchid society's repotting meeting and getting a couple of orchids repotted and one huge one divided and repotted, plus gaining 3 new baby orchids.

This week...

  • Continue plugging away on the #100dayproject and my knitting
  • Start Lady K's soccer for the spring
  • Eat pho for the first time with Savvy in tow
  • Get the last of the 'stuff' out of the Temple of Fire
  • Transplant some seedlings. Hopefully, I can remember what some of them are! (I failed at labeling this year.)

Now, onto more coffee and some knitting before 'pho' time.

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  1. I have a good friend who is Vietnamese Indian and she makes amazing pho! Love your recap and I would have been at that letter writing day if I lived there! No doubt about it.


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