Sunday, April 30, 2017

Week In Review - April 23 - 29


It's been a week. And a tough one in that I only have one more week at the library as a staff member. 

Most of it has been spent running here, there and everywhere. But I did slow down enough to enjoy the sunshine (finally) through the window and onto the tulips I salvaged from the Temple of Fire.

I went earlier in the week and dug up the tulips, a peony and some hollyhocks I want to save and, hopefully, take with me to North Carolina.

I need some warmer, sunnier weather to transplant more of the seedlings. Hopefully, it will start warming up enough to get them outside for a bit every day.

On the #100dayproject, I have actually managed to get in a few stitches every day.

This week I will keep the progress marker in place and see how far I get in a week. Of course, the rows are increasing in length, so it's going to be a bit of a misconception on how far I actually knit. But I am loving the blending of the colors of the two yarns and how well it is working out.

Yesterday was a walk downtown for Lady K to get 'stamps' in her 'passport' in order to get a free swim pass from the YMCA. Therefore, I hit my 10,000 steps yesterday.

And on that note, Texter and I joined a gym which is only a few blocks away. Our goal is to become a lean, mean, and in my case, knitting machine. We will be balancing the workouts there with some yoga and oula at one of the yoga centers. In two days, I've been twice, just on the treadmill, but at least I have gone.


The coming week will be exciting as it is my last week at the library working!

  • Spring Art Walk Friday night
  • More trips to the gym
  • More knitting
  • Meeting with the trainer to design a workout program for me
  • Orchid Society meeting (they let me bring Lady K who I am babysitting at that time) 
  • Couple of hours viewing artist sketchbooks exhibit at 1 + 1 = 1 Gallery on Tuesday
  • Migratory Bird Day at Helena Reservoir on Saturday
  • Close-out workshop for National Letter Writing Month
  • Soccer with Lady K

Now, off for a bit of lunch and off the the library and soccer!

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