Monday, April 24, 2017

Mandala Monday

I have discovered, rather than being upset I have a really tangled skein of yarn I want untangled NOW, to relax. Put on a show and slowly make my way through all the in's and out's of the tangles. Sort of like life. If I pull and push and rush, it only gets worse and takes longer to unravel. 

Life is like that. The more we push and pull at the 'tangles' in our lives, the harder it is to get past them. I'm taking the slow road.

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  1. You know Judy, you're a wise woman. I was just sitting here fretting about a million different things and trying decide what I should do to fix everything, but you're so right. The harder we pull at the tangles in our lives the harder we make them. Thanks for the words of wisdom. :)


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