Sunday, June 08, 2008

No Walking Here!

I have discovered I am a "fair weather" walker/hiker. Or rather, once the heat hits almost 80 at 5am and will be 100 at 5pm when I walk home, I don't walk. We have had a stretch of heat here that is unbelievable.

I can walk when it is below freezing. Put my hat with my droopy bunny ears and gloves and coat on and off I can go. but when it is 99 with a heat index of 110 or more, the thought of walking home, down sidewalks, no shade....NO WAY!

Rylan and Golden of Southeastern Backpackers podcast did have a couple of hints for hot weather hiking....other than don' umbrella for shade (an idea) or walking in a bathing suit (not a speedo as Golden would like us to believe Rylan wears) or taking off your shirt. The last 2 ideas are just not really doable. First off, my swimsuit, being a knit, would be hotter than my shorts and t-shirt. Second, it would not be a pretty picture. And taking my shirt off. Well, all I can say is "where would my straps on my backpack go?"

Unlike my mother who is the quintessential Southern Lady, I do not "glow" or have a "sheen" when I get hot and sweaty. I turn a really attractive shade of red in the face and sweat. I kind of look like my head is getting ready to explode.

So, at least until the temperatures moderate a little more, it's just Noel and I for morning and evening walks. You know it's hot when the dog doesn't want to go out.

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