Saturday, June 07, 2008

Art - Another New Apartment Resolution

I am going to display more prominently my artwork and my daughters' and also, instead of just using a print from whomever, some generic piece of stuff. This is a picture I took of a tulip in my yard. I think it would be striking as just a picture on my wall, along with other flower pictures I have taken, as a whole wall collage.

I am going to support my fellow artists. For
example, I read the blogs of several very talented ladies (and a couple of men) and I really want to get some of their artwork to hang on my walls. There is Patricia Mosca who does the most wonderful mandalas on a daily basis, as well as other pieces of artwork. How she comes up with both an affirmation and such a bright, lively, colorful piece of work every day is mind-boggling. Just having one of her mandalas hanging where I could see it every day would bring a smile to my life. They are small pieces (I finally realized), but to put it beside the front door so I would see it as I left the house would be great.
And another artist, Maralena Howard, whose work I enjoy. I never thought of myself as liking abstracts, I'm more of an Impressionist type of girl, but I really like her work. I have seen a couple of "swirly" ones she has done and covet them. Her colors attract me. She has done some green and blue ones with what seems to be a hint of gold in them.

OD really likes anime and has drawn several characters, while Texter has actually drawn my next tattoo. Which as soon as I can find the journal I put it in (it's packed right now), I will post the drawing. I haven't gotten the tattoo yet. So I want to feature their work also. Texter is usually where all my pencils and pens I buy for my artwork winds a magpie, she picks them up.

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