Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dogs, Daughter and Drugs

Yes, my dog and my daughter are both drug users, and it's all my fault.

First off, we took Noel in to have her distemper shot and asked about her "itching" (probably allergies, maybe fleas) and her separation anixety. Benedryl the vet tech and the vet said. But would probably make her a little sleepy. No problem, especially if you need her a little calmer. I love benedryl. Since I have slight allergy problems all year and have reached the time of life where sleep is often difficult, I take Benedryl every night. Have it on hand. Give dog meds---no problem.

Problem....if I weight XXX and the dog weight 42 pounds and the dog can take 2 pills up to 3 times a day...that's the same amount I take...TWO...and it lets me sleep all night. I wouldn't have a dog, I would have a rug. So she gets 1 pill, with peanut butter and a fish oil table every few days. It does make her a little "calmer", ie, sleepier. Plan is, when we move, to give her 2 that day so maybe she will sleep through most of it.

Now comes the daughter. Since I am on vacation this week I decide to get all the doctor visits we needed done. Eye doctor, dermatologist to check moles and for Texter, she had a couple of things she wanted to see our family doctor about, so off we go.

She might have an ashma problem, so we are trying a daily inhaler to see if it eases up any. But she was needing her menigitis shot and she could have her HPV shot (cervical cancer for women shot)and she elected to get them both. It wasn't until they were "sticking it to her" so to speak they mentioned she would probably be a little sore. In fact, they said, rumor has it the HPV shot really makes your arm hurt for 2-3 days. Now you tell us! And put the HPV in her right arm, the one she uses the most!

Yep...Miss Cut My Arm Off and I'm Fine was sore, very much so. We complete our errands and get home and I am going to give her some aspirin to maybe help with the soreness. I hand her 3 pills because she is really sore. She takes them.

"HHHMmmmm, honey," I say


"Were those pink or blue pills?" I asked, smiling very motherly.

"Pink" Texter says with narrowing eyes, suspecting an unfavorable outcome for her.

"Oh, that was benedryl not aspirin."

"Gee, thanks Mom" as only a teenager can intone.

Well, at least her arm didn't bother her while she slept and I got my laptop back for awhile!

Moral of the story...Mother's shouldn't give daughters or dogs medicine!

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  1. love the magnolia picture! Gardenias do not grow here- too cold! I love the smell of them!

    aren't teenagers just so much fun?



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